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7mm curb link 10k cuban

7mm curb link 10k cuban

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10k real gold

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Brandon Spears
False advertisement

Not a 7mm at all!!! I already have a 8mm Cuban & it's nowhere near close to it in size. I haven't taken it to a real jeweler yet to find out exact size but in my opinion it's probably like a 4-4.5mm. Not a 7mm that there advertising..& it's no way that you all could not know. Im not even a jeweler & I can just about eyeball the size of a chain so it's now way that you all could not know that the chain IS NOT A 7MM & you all sell jewelry for a a few weeks ago i checked a cuban out at a local jeweler that was 5.5mm & it's bigger than the SUPPOSED TO BE 7MM that i purchased from you all that literally took me two months to get & was only a few dollars more for a bigger chain that was 5.5mm. So why is a 5.5mm chain bigger than your 7mm chain...doesn't make sense does it??? You all are scamming & you know it


Wrong size sent. Received a 5.5mm instead of the 7mm advertised. Contacted C3 jewelry and they said
“Our shipments come from factory labeled so we base them off factory labels no cubans or ropes will be 100 % accurate ever so this will be a ongoing situation so if your not buying for the price and weight then we can just refund we will just accept back there is no discount we can give u on this except full refund we dont carry anythinf larger “

Didn’t wanna go through the hassle of returning so I lost out money and kept it..


Nice quality, great price and fast shipping.

Great quality

Love this piece, excellent quality, fasr shipping. Great price. Have ordered several other types since. Will buyfrom again. Thanks